Modify a Bee-Bot

Challenge Level: Growing experience

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:


Remix the program provided at by changing the “pause” button to a “spin” button so pressing it adds the statement “spin” to the “source code” list. When the statement is executed, it should spin the “cat” sprite 5 times (turning it 90 degrees to the right, 20 times).

Testing examples:

You will need to test your program by typing in your own commands to the simulated Bee-Bot to see if it behaves as intended.

To use the program, when the green flag is clicked, give instructions to the cat to catch the mouse by pressing the arrows for the Bee-Bot. Press the “Go” button when you are ready.



What it should look like

Click on the green flag, and use the buttons to see the expected output of your program.

Recommended blocks


if <(statement) = [spin]> then

repeat (20)

Data - List

insert [spin] at (last v) of [source code v]


turn cw (90) degrees

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